Livermore Valley’s Top 10 Places to Celebrate Father’s Day

Livermore Valley's Top 10 Places to Celebrate Father's Day


Celebrate Father’s Day in Livermore Valley Wine Country, where you can enjoy wine tastings at renowned wineries and picturesque vineyard picnics. Not sure where to go? Here is our list of the “Top 10 Places to Celebrate Father’s Day” in Livermore Valley to make the most of your day.


1. Sons of Liberty Alehouse –

Sons Of Liberty Alehouse is an upscale, stylishly casual tavern in the heart of downtown San Leandro. The restaurant features a satisfying menu of seasonal dishes with a unique selection of craft beers, artisan cocktails & distinctive wines.

2. Cuda Ridge –

Cuda Ridge is a family-owned and operated winery. We consider our employees and club members as part of our extended family. When visiting their winery, don’t be surprised to see members of the Dino family and their friends helping with the wine-making, or pouring a glass of wine.

3. Bodegas Aguirre –


Wine with passion describes the sentiment with which Bodegas Aguirre Wines are produced. Family-owned and operated, they invite you to visit their tasting room where you can explore hand-crafted wines and enjoy the beauty of their vineyards.

4. Page Mill –

Throughout the years Page Mill Winery has been producing some of the finest wines in the market. We’re passionate about serving our clientele with the great taste and quality they’ve come to expect. With a wide variety of signature products catering to all budgets, we’re the perfect option for your upcoming event, party, or a quiet evening at home.

5. 3 Steves Winery –

The idea of 3 Steves was born over 3 friends sitting around with a glass of wine and discussing starting their own winery. They all owned part of a small boutique winery where they learned the art, science, and business aspects of the wine industry. They made a lot of wine together, and their customers gave them some great feedback. Before long they realized they wanted to start their own label from the ground up, and it was obvious to name their new project the 3 Steves Winery.

6. BoaVentura –

BoaVentura wines are truly handmade. The grapes are hand-picked by family and friends, and owners Brett and Monique take pride in crafting wines that BoaVentura Baptiste de Caires would be proud of. After all, his spirit is manifested in the name of the winery, Boa Ventura, or “Good Venture.”

7. First Street Alehouse –

Inspired by two brothers who wanted to bring a small slice of Chico to their new hometown, the Alehouse provides an upbeat, social atmosphere while fostering a strong sense of community. It has been said that you may walk in the door not knowing anyone but you are sure to walk out the door with a few more friends.

8. The Steven Kent Winery –

Experience world-class wines from 6th-generation winemaker, Steven Kent Mirassou in the exciting up and coming Vasco Row. Wines by the glass, by-the-bottle, or educational experiences featuring our highest-rated wines.

9. Longevity Wines –

Winemaker Phil Long is the president of the Association of African American Vintners (AAAV) and the founder of Longevity Wines, a brand based on his love affair with his wife, Debra. Starting with the first Syrah he made with Debra in their garage in 2002, Phil’s approach to winemaking has been to continually challenge himself to make the best wines possible.

10. Occasio Winery –

The Occasio tasting room offers guests an opportunity to sample their award winning, small production wines in an inviting, beautiful setting. Private, guided tastings and pairings in their Library Room are also available, by prior reservation. Members receive priority access and preferential rates. Guests may also learn of the Occasio winemaking philosophy, firsthand from our winemakers, during a private winery tour. Vineyard tours with our viticulturist are also available, all with prior reservations.