Beariver Ranch

Beariver Ranch is located in the heart of Livermore. We mainly sell our grapes to Homewinemakers and Wineries. We have great Petite Syrah that are organically grown but have not yet been certified. We do not spray any roundup underneath the vines, everything is removed by hand. The hot days of Livermore and cool nights are a great combination for our grapes. Please call if interested in buying grapes.

(925) 339-2297

Bobcat's Grin

Bobcat s Grin Estate Vineyards is located in South Livermore off of Arroyo Road. From the top of our hill you have a panoramic view of the Wente Golf Course Cresta Blanca Mt Diablo and the beautiful Livermore Valley. We grow an acre of Cabernet Grape which experiences micro climates quite different than the rest of Livermore due to our altitude and location. It makes for a great tasting wine!

(925) 575-0985

Clos De Mayo Vineyard LLC

Clos De Mayo Vineyard has been producing world class wines for more than 25 years. We hope you enjoy our wine as a master piece of art!

Coastal Viticultural Consultants


Cross Vineyard

(925) 337-3971

Fraser-Howard Vineyards

Fraser-Howard Vineyards, family-owned and operated growers of Chardonnay since 1996.

Galles Vineyard

Family owned hillside vineyard. Hand tended Cabernet Sauvignon grapes of the highest quality for sale in large and small lots.

(925) 443-4943

George Ratermann Estate Vineyards

(925) 337-3753
Geroge and Dawn Ratermann

Goble Vineyards

(925) 461-1443

HLW Vineyard

(510) 498-8246

Irwin Vineyards

(925) 449-4484

Mia Nipote Wines

"Mia Nipote", (Italian for My Granddaughter) is a boutique producer of Cabernet Sauvignon and Sauvignon Blanc. In 2020, we will expand our portfolio with small lots of Italian varieties and blends from the world-class appellations.

PICAZO Vineyards

PICAZO Vineyards is a small family owned, boutique farmed vineyard in Southwest Livermore Valley. Our 14-acre Merlot estate vineyard has the maturity of twelve seasons now, and its healthy, well-established vines produce rich, deeply-flavored grapes. Our focus is producing high quality wine and partnering with winemakers that expect the highest in qrape quality. Learn more about PICAZO at

(408) 205-4258

Pruett Vineyard

Private Grower of Wente Clone Chardonnay

(925) 525-3589

Ruby Grapes, LLC

We are a family owned vineyard located in Pleasanton, CA. We offer three varietals including Merlot, Cabernet Sauvignon, and Sangiovese. In 2017, we produced 126 tons of Merlot, 32.8 tons of Cabernet Sauvignon, and 44.72 tons of Sangiovese. All fruit was farmed and collected by Wente Vineyards.

(925) 550-4624

Sblendorio Estate & Vineyard

Sells the region's finest Chardonnay and Zinfandel to local wineries.

Triska Crane Ridge Vineyards

Triska Crane Ridge Vineyards now has 10 acres of chardonnay savingnon blanc pinot noir and gruner vetliner under cultivation exclusively for Darcie Kent Vineyards. We


TwiningVine est. 2003 is nestled on 10 acres among rolling hills and forest land of Cull Canyon Castro Valley.Offering a variety of reds rich in flavor, Rose' & various Chardonnays.We have maintained the heritage of the land and original Red Barn. We encourage a balanced environment for people land and animals. We are open 2nd & 4th weekend each month (April-Sept) from 1 to 5 for wine Tasting.


Valley Chateau Vineyards LLC

Valley Chateau Vineyards is locates in South Livermore on Wente Street. Total of 48 acres of vineyards, approximately 34 acres are Chardonnay and 14 acres Cabernet. We strive to have the best flavor fruit to supply local Livermore Valley Wineries who desire to increase their wine production.

(925) 200-9456