Savoring Earth Day: Livermore’s Sustainable Wineries

Rezlaff Vineyards during Sauvignon Blanc Harvest

As Earth Day approaches, it’s a wonderful time to reflect on our planet’s beauty and the ways we can protect it. One way to celebrate this occasion is by enjoying wines from Livermore Valley, California, where several wineries are committed to sustainable practices that not only produce exceptional wines but also protect our environment for generations to come. When choosing sustainable winery options for Earth Day celebrations, consider renowned vineyards like Concannon, Murrieta’s Well, Retzlaff, and Wente, each committed to eco-friendly practices that protect our planet while producing exceptional wines.

As a strong advocate of sustainable farming, Concannon Vineyard was honored to help pioneer the development of the Wine Institute’s “Code of Sustainable Winegrowing Practices.” This collection of best practices establishes a set of sustainable standards for all California wineries that also ensures third-party verification and a cycle of continuous improvement. In 2009, Concannon participated in the CSWA “Certified Pilot Program” as one of the seventeen California wineries selected to test the certification requirements and offer feedback for introducing a statewide certification program.

Each year, Concannon must demonstrate sustainable practices; positive economic, environmental, and social impact; and “continuous improvement” by third-party verification to maintain certification. As a founding member of the Wine Institute, Concannon is committed to encouraging sustainable winegrowing throughout California and helping change the way growers around the world think about their winegrowing and farming practices.

Murrieta’s Well Estate Vineyard takes sustainability to heart by ensuring that all their wines are California Certified Sustainable. This certification signifies their dedication to environmentally responsible practices, from vineyard management to winemaking techniques. By choosing Murrieta’s Well wines, consumers can support a winery that prioritizes the health of the land and the community.

The estate consists of multiple unique soil types ranging in elevation from 560’ to 860. The diversity in terroir gives them the opportunity to plant varietals that thrive in specific locations throughout the estate. Over the last 130 years, they have used their experience in farming their estate to produce the highest quality wine that showcase a true expression.

Retzlaff Vineyards stands as a beacon of organic viticulture in the greater San Francisco Bay region. Their commitment to organic grape growing has earned them the distinction of being the only California Certified Organic vineyard in the area. By eschewing synthetic pesticides and fertilizers, Retzlaff ensures that their wines reflect the purest expression of their terroir while minimizing harm to the ecosystem. Their organic vineyard was planted on the site of a former sheep ranch and as a result, the soil had never been farmed. No pesticides or herbicides have ever been used on the land so the soil is healthy and alive.

Founder, Robert Taylor is a Ph.D. geochemist with an understanding of how harmful certain chemicals can be to our environment and our health. Retzlaff is passionate and committed to organic practices not only for making superior wines but for the overall health of our community, customers, and the environment in which we live.

Wente Vineyards has been farming sustainably since its founding in 1883. The estate’s longevity can be directly traced to the Wente family’s multi-generational commitment to the land. Wente is a certified sustainable vineyard and winery from the California Sustainable Winegrowing Alliance (CCSW). Fewer than ten percent of wineries hold both the vineyard and winery certifications, and Wente is proud to be counted among them. Today, with the help of the forward-looking fifth generation, the family remains a leader in ethical practices and continues to push the envelope in defining how sustainability is measured. Eco-minded fifth-generation winegrowers Karl and Niki Wente have recently upgraded the Wente Vineyards winery, vineyard, and tasting rooms to meet (and exceed) their CCSW-inspired goals.

We continue to be proud of the sustainability practices that take place in the Livermore Valley and the commitment to preserving the beautiful place we call home.

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