Wine & Movie Night(s)

We’ve put together a list of some of the best wine-themed movies for you to enjoy with your favorite bottle of Livermore Valley wine. But of course, no movie night is complete without some sweet and salty snacks. A few Livermore Valley wineries are sharing their favorite wine and movie snack pairings for you to munch on during movie night.

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A Good Year | Romance/Rom-Com

“Failed London banker Max Skinner (Russell Crowe) inherits his uncle’s (Albert Finney) vineyard in Provence, where he spent many childhood holidays. Upon his arrival, he meets a woman from California who tells Max she is his long-lost cousin and that the property is hers.”

A Good Year is available on YouTube, Vudu, Google Play, Amazon Prime Video and Hulu

American Wine Story | Documentary

“Exploring tales of risk and reinvention for those who are born again into the wine industry; for example, after an upstart winemaker’s untimely death, his sister tries to save his fledgling winery for her eight-year-old nephew.”

American Wine Story is available on YouTube, Vudu, GooglePlay, Amazon Prime Video, and iTunes

Bottle Shock | Drama/Comedy

“Paris-based wine expert Steven Spurrier heads to California in search of cheap wine that he can use for a blind taste test in the French capital. Stumbling upon the Napa Valley, the stuck-up Englishman is shocked to discover a winery turning out top-notch chardonnay. Determined to make a name for himself, he sets about getting the booze back to Paris.”

Bottle Shock is available on YouTube, Tubi, Vudu, GooglePlay, Amazon Prime Video, and iTunes

Back to Burgundy | Drama/Comedy

“After a 10-year absence, Jean returns to his hometown when his father falls ill. Reuniting with his sister Juliette and his brother Jérémie, they have to re-build their relationship and trust as a family again.”

Back to Burgundy is available on YouTube, GooglePlay, Amazon Prime Video, and Vudu

Blood & Wine | Crime Drama/Thriller

“A man who has failed as a father and husband commits a heist to make money for his fledging business, but things become complicated when his wife interferes.”

Blood & Wine is available on Amazon Prime Video

Red Obsession | Documentary/History

“For centuries, Bordeaux has assumed a mythical status in the world of fine wine. Chinese demand for France’s finest wines has caused the price of Bordeaux to skyrocket, forcing traditional buyers out.”

Red Obsession is available on Tubi, Vudu, Amazon Prime Video, iTunes, YouTube, and GooglePlay

Sideways | Comedy/Romance

“Struggling writer and wine enthusiast Miles (Paul Giamatti) takes his engaged friend, Jack (Thomas Haden Church), on a trip to wine country for a last single-guy bonding experience. While Miles wants to relax and enjoy the wine, Jack is in search of a fling before his wedding. Soon Jack is sleeping with Stephanie (Sandra Oh), while her friend Maya (Virginia Madsen) connects with Miles. When Miles lets slip that Jack is getting married, both women are furious, sending the trip into disarray.”

McGrail Vineyards recommends watching this film with a glass of their Merlot in hand!

Sideways is available on YouTube, iTunes, GooglePlay, Vudu, Amazon Prime Video and Hulu

Somm | Documentary

“Four wine stewards prepare to learn everything about wine as they ready for the master sommelier exam, one of the world’s most challenging tests, which is presided over by the notoriously secretive Court of Master Sommeliers.”

Somm is available on iTunes, Amazon Prime Video, and Hulu

Blood into Wine | Documentary

“Inspiring documentary of Tool’s Lead Singer Maynard ” James ” Keenan’s dream to grow Burgeoning Wines in the middle of Arizona.”

Recommended by Curt Pipes from Las Positas Vineyards.

Blood into Wine is Available on Tubi and Vudu

Somm 111 | Documentary

“Wine experts Steven Spurrier, Jancis Robinson, and Fred Dame gather in Paris to sample the rarest bottles of their careers, while sommelier Dustin Wilson holds a blind taste test for Pinot Noirs and Burgundies in New York.”

Somm 111 is available on YouTube, GooglePlay, Vudu, Amazon Prime Video and Hulu

Movie Snack Pairings

No movie night is complete without the proper snacks and a glass, or bottle, of Livermore Valley wine. Check out what movie snack pairings a few wineries put together for you to enjoy at home.

Glazed Pecans

Photo Credit: Fifteen Spatulas

Bent Creek Winery recommends pairing these salty-sweet snacks with their Port or Cabernet Sauvignon. “This is one of our favorite snacks. But the only problem with this particular treat is they disappear quickly.” – Pat Heineman, Bent Creek Winery

Glazed Pecan Recipe

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Roasted and Salted Pistachios

Photo Credit:

“As per our CFO and Winery owner, Michael Wood, he always suggests Roasted and Salted Pistachios with our Chardonnay ‘Para Mas Amigas’. They’er the perfect snack, and the buttery richness of the Pistachios plays well with the Chardonnay.” – Wood Family Vineyards

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Curt’s Truffle Popcorn

Photo Credit: Fit Living Eats

Las Positas Vineyards recommends pairing the truffle popcorn with their 2015 Estate Obscurus, and or their 2019 Estate Albarinao for the white wine lovers. “But the best part of this pairing is that it’s simple. And if you like truffle oil like I do you can change up the seasoning to add different spices. If you don’t like heat, you can try it with any spice you like.” – Curt Pipes, Las Positas Vineyards

Curt’s Truffle Popcorn Recipe

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Classic Wine Country Charcuterie Board

Photo Credit: So Much Food

“You can’t watch Sideways without a glass of wine, but due to the way this film influenced wine drinkers’ perception of the varietal, you have to watch it with Merlot in your glass. Because we are a Cab house, our Merlot is built like a Cab, but still has Merlot’s classic characteristics, which is why we think even Paul Giamatti’s character would be happy to drink our take on this ill-famed varietal. Pair this film with our 2016 McGrail Merlot from Picazo Vineyard and a classic wine country charcuterie plate with the works–olives, salami, grapes, nuts, carrot or bell pepper sticks, a baguette, and wedges of stinky cheese. ” – McGrail Vineyards

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Popcorn with Sesame-Glazed Pistachios

Photo Credit: Food & Wine

You can never have too many variation of popcorn. After all, it is the most classic movie snack. Why not spice things up with this unique and delicious recipe? “This salty sweet snack pairs exceptionally well with our spicy Syrah and Syrah blends.” – Dante Robere Vineyards

Popcorn Recipe 

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