The 13 Most Instagrammable Places in the Livermore Valley Wine Country

If you’ve been to the Livermore Valley, you know that the entire region is Instagram worthy! Here are 13 spots that are begging to be captured by your camera, and posted for all of your followers to see.

What are your favorite spots in the Valley? Don’t forget to use #LiveaLittleMore in all your social posts! 

1. Ellen Rowe Concannon Victorian House at Concannon Vineyard

Image by: victoria_kiani

2. Barrel Wall at Crooked Vine Winery

Image by: alo_ayalaaa

3. Purple Barn at Darcie Kent VineyardsImage by: brigmix
4. Mansion at Elliston Vineyards

Image by: danatoddphoto

5. Painted Wings at Embodied Wines

Image by: allisonmollengarden

6. Wood Door at Las Positas Vineyards

Image by: haydunc

7. Barn at Mitchell Katz Winery

Image by: eastbayportraits

8. Tiled Stairway at Murietta’s Well

Image by: aladygoeswest Read More

Being Kind with Wine

The other day I was waiting impatiently to get through the tolls on the Bay Bridge, seriously, why have I not invested in a FasTrak yet?  However, when it was FINALLY my turn,  the cashier  said that the person in front of me had paid my toll.  I couldn’t believe it and it got me thinking, why don’t we do more random acts of kindness for other people.  Sure, I open the door for the occasional stranger and I say hi to the elderly couple as I walk by, but I can do so much more.  We all can!  Enter the #RandomActsofWineness! Read More