April's Featured Varietal - Pinot Grigio

Tuesday, April 1, 2014 - Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Each month, Livermore Valley Wine Country highlights a varietal in our region.

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Pinot Grigio
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"Crisp, clean and ready for spring!"

Charles R Vineyards, Concannon Vineyard, Eagle Ridge Vineyard, Ehrenberg Cellars, Elliston Vineyards, Fenestra Winery, Las Positas Vineyards, Longevity Wines, Mitchell Katz Winery, Occasio Winery, Page Mill Winery, Rodrigue Molyneaux, Stony Ridge Winery, Westover Vineyards, White Crane Winery

A white grape varietal with a pinkish-grey skin. In French, the word "gris," which is translated "grey" accounts for the grayish-blue color of the fruit. However, Pinot Grigio grapes can also have the appearance of pink, black or even a white skin.

With its crisp stone fruit and bright citrus flavors, Livermore Valley Pinot Grigio adds a refreshing verve to most any light meal.

Try Pinot Grigio with pasta with a fresh tomato-based sauce or spicy noodleswith shrimp.

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