2023 Harvest Update from Concannon Vineyard

Insights into this year’s harvest and its implications for our wines

Written by James Foster, Sr. Director of Winemaking at Concannon Vineyard

Greetings, wine enthusiasts and curious readers! As we approach the peak of the 2023 harvest season here in Livermore Valley, it’s our pleasure at Concannon Vineyard to share with you a comprehensive update on our estate vineyards and the upcoming vintage. In this article, we’ll walk you through the key factors that have shaped this year’s harvest and provide an insightful glimpse into what you can expect from our wines. Read More

Livermore Valley Leans In for Lahaina



The devastation in Lahaina is heartbreaking. Officials say it has become the deadliest natural disaster in the state’s history. Many businesses, homes and lives have been lost and it is a long road as they begin to rebuild and renew the beautiful land they call home. We know that community is everything and want to do our part in helping the people of Lahaina who have suffered and continue to suffer. Read More

A Glass With A View

Less than an hour east of San Francisco, Livermore Valley Wine Country welcomes visitors with a flourish expanse of vineyards, wineries, and wine country experiences. Amid picturesque canyons, ridges and outposts of suburbia, the lush vines and convivial tasting rooms increasingly define the quality of life in the valley. To the delight of residents and visitors alike, the region is enjoying a wine renaissance harking back to the golden years of early California wine history. Read More

Celebrate! National Wine & Cheese Day

National Wine and Cheese Day is the perfect occasion to try some of your favorite wine and cheese pairings. The tradition of pairing local wine and cheese is common in wine growing regions and both wine experts and cheesemongers can provide excellent pairing options. To observe National Wine and Cheese Day, try wines and cheeses in combinations you’ve never tried before. Invite friends to join the adventure and make it a celebration! Don’t forget to share photos of your favorite pairings and tag us on social media @livermorevalleywine. Check out these recommendations from our local Livermore wine experts for the best combinations. And shout-out to The Cheese Parlor for being an excellent partner to so many of our fabulous wineries in Livermore!  https://www.thecheeseparlor.com/ Read More

Introducing the Judging Panel for TASTE: The Livermore Valley Wine Experience

Tickets are selling fast for the signature Food and Wine Pairing Competition in Livermore Valley Wine Country. 

Are you ready for a competition like none other? Livermore Valley Wine Country’s signature Food and Wine Pairing Competition, Taste Our Terroir, is kicking off the TASTE festivities on Thursday, October 19th, 2023. Twelve Livermore Valley wineries are partnered with local chefs to create signature bites that perfectly pair with the chosen wines. They will compete for prizes in a blind tasting evaluated by three esteemed judges. Guests will have the opportunity to be a part of the competition by voting in the People’s Choice category for best Red and White pairing team. Meet the winemakers and chefs while sampling mouth-watering creations and an extravagant dessert buffet. Read More

From Room Temperature to Refreshing

Try Chill-able Red Wines

When the weather starts to warm up, many of us find ourselves searching for the best way to cool down. Whether it’s with a high powered fan, patio misters, or a dip in the pool, it’s no surprise that so many of us look for ways to beat the heat and wind down. But what if we told you there was an even better way to relieve the summer scorch and still enjoy a glass of wine? Enter “chilled” red wines. Read More

BBQ Recipes to Rock Your Wine Collection

Nothing says summer like a classic outdoor BBQ. Memorial Day is the perfect time to fire up the grill and break out your favorite bottles of wine from Livermore Valley wineries. With delicious marinades, spice rubs, and sauces to choose from, you’ll be sure to impress family and friends with a mouthwatering meal that pairs perfectly with your selections of wines.  With endless possibilities wine pairing and meal planning can be overwhelming, so take the advice of our local experts! Read More

Celebrate Chardonnay Day

The Livermore Valley is home to some of the best Chardonnay grapes in the world. This region has a unique microclimate that allows for perfect conditions for growing these delicate and flavorful white wine grapes. The climate here is warm during the day, with cool nights allowing for proper ripening of the fruit while preserving its natural acidity. This combination creates a well-balanced wine with intense aromas and flavors that can range from citrus and tropical fruits to apples, pears, buttery notes, and even nutty characteristics. At Page Mill Winery the variation of flavors can be seen across their three Chardonnay offerings; 2021 Chandler Chardonnay, 2021 VS Chardonnay, and soon to be released 2022 SF Bay Chardonnay. Read More

Winery of the Week – Nottingham Cellars

Each Wednesday, one Livermore Valley Winery is selected to represent our “Winery of the Week” by hosting a Wine Wednesday celebration. The selected winery is open on Wednesday from 5-8pm to help guests wine-down from a hefty work week, or just grab a taste of wine before heading out to a fabulous dinner! The fun continues throughout the weekend as various activities are planned by the highlighted winery.   This weeks featured Livermore winery is Nottingham Cellars, a winery focused on and dedicated to the pursuit of capturing Cabernet Sauvignon and its accompanying Bordeaux red varieties. Read More

Spring Super Bloom and Spectacular Gardens

The California Super Bloom is an awe-inspiring event that occurs when a large amount of rain falls in an area that is usually dry and arid. Super blooms are much more intense than regular blooms due to the abundance of water and nutrients available for the flowers. The extra water helps fertilize the soil, allowing the plants to take full advantage of any sunlight they receive. In addition, this abundance of moisture helps create favorable conditions for pollinators such as bees and butterflies which further contribute to the growth and spread of these colorful displays. Super blooms typically last anywhere from several weeks up to several months. Read More