Save Water, Drink Wine

You may have heard that California has a bit of a drought situation going on.  With Earth Day right around the corner, I thought it’d be the perfect time to get Down to Earth with a few fun activities: Read More

Barrel Tasting: A Taste from the Winemaker

Tasting wine from a barrel is a rare opportunity that anyone can step out of the role of wine taster and peek into what it is to be a winemaker.  Winemakers taste from the barrel not only to check if it is ready for bottling, but also to make sure nothing is spoiled, or when they are considering which wines to blend together. Read More

5 Ways to Win Valentine’s Day

This year Valentine’s Day is a double-whammy!  Not only is it the holiday of love, it’s a three-day weekend, all the more reason to go big.  Haven’t planned what you’re going to do yet?  Fear not, we have five ways for you to win Valentine’s Day this year. Read More

Harvest is Upon Us

This is my favorite time of year.  Sure, there’s the craziness of kids going back to school and gearing up for the holidays, but one quick drive through the vineyards and everything seems to just calm down.  I love that the grapes are so ripe you can actually smell them; your own little preview into the wines that they are going to become. Read More

Livermore Food and Wine Tastes Better All the Time

By guest blogger, Laura Ness.  This article first appeared on

Taste Our Terroir, 2015 edition, paired Livermore wineries and their chosen restaurant partners to create what were some memorable marriages of food and wine. This year, 19 winery and restaurant teams went head to head to win over the palates and hearts of both professional judges and the consumers who came to enjoy this annual competition. Read More

#Livealittlemore and Win Tickets to Harvest Wine Celebration

Livermore Valley Wine Country is giving away two tickets to Harvest Wine Celebration every week for the month of August!

To enter:

  • Post your pictures of how you live a little more on Instagram
  • Tag @LivermoreValleyWineCountry
  • Include #Livealittlemore  

Winners will be announced every Friday.  Make sure your account is public so that we can see you posts! Read More

Congratulations to Our Uncorked! Wine Competition Winners

We are proud to announce that the fabulous Livermore Valley wineries won a total of 62 medals at Tri-Valley Conservancy’s Livermore Valley Uncorked! Wine Competition this year!  This is a true testament to the hard work that our winemakers put in and the quality of the wine that they are creating.  Find the complete list below and be sure to come taste at our fabulous Livermore Valley wineries! Read More

Being Kind with Wine

The other day I was waiting impatiently to get through the tolls on the Bay Bridge, seriously, why have I not invested in a FasTrak yet?  However, when it was FINALLY my turn,  the cashier  said that the person in front of me had paid my toll.  I couldn’t believe it and it got me thinking, why don’t we do more random acts of kindness for other people.  Sure, I open the door for the occasional stranger and I say hi to the elderly couple as I walk by, but I can do so much more.  We all can!  Enter the #RandomActsofWineness! Read More