Painted Barrel Trail

Barrel Tasting Weekend in Livermore Valley Wine Country is almost here, and that means our local artists are hard at work creating our Painted Barrel Trail. Follow the trail throughout the Valley starting February 1st until Barrel Tasting Weekend, March 23rd-24th, and purchase raffle tickets for your chance to win a beautiful hand-painted barrel, and a case of wine! Read More

Pairings: Wine Glass + Wine


It’s an age old conversation, how much does the glass you drink from really affect your wine? You will find a handful of websites that touch on the topic, but today we are here to bring you a simplified version of what really matters in a glass to compliment your favorite wine.

Red Wine

The most important thing to remember when picking out the perfect glass for your favorite red wine, is to choose a glass that has a large bowl, allowing the wine to breathe properly.

White Wine

The length of the stem is of utmost importance when choosing a glass for white wine. A tall stem keeps the temperature of the wine chilled and unaffected by the warmth of your hand.

All these glasses and more can be found through Riedel.

The Perfect Wines to Pair on Thanksgiving

While it feels like we were just basking in the summer sun, Thanksgiving is here! Check out our recommendations on how to pair your Thanksgiving wines with the correct food, and social setting!

1. The “Welcome” Wine

Sparkling wine is the perfect ice breaker to your Thanksgiving get together. Welcoming guests in with a sparkling wine helps the holiday feel festive and celebratory. Recommendations for your sparkling wine from the Livermore Valley are…

3 Steves Winery Brut Sparkling Wine
Crooked Vine Winery 2013 Sparkling Pinot Noir Rosé
El Sol Winery Grand Cuvee Champagne
Page Mill Winery 2012 Blanc de Blanc

Rios-Lovell Estate Winery NV California Champagne Read More

The 13 Most Instagrammable Places in the Livermore Valley Wine Country

If you’ve been to the Livermore Valley, you know that the entire region is Instagram worthy! Here are 13 spots that are begging to be captured by your camera, and posted for all of your followers to see.

What are your favorite spots in the Valley? Don’t forget to use #LiveaLittleMore in all your social posts! 


1. Ellen Rowe Concannon Victorian House at Concannon Vineyard

Image by: victoria_kiani


2. Barrel Wall at Crooked Vine Winery

Image by: alo_ayalaaa


3. Purple Barn at Darcie Kent VineyardsImage by: brigmix


4. Mansion at Elliston Vineyards

Image by: danatoddphoto


5. Painted Wings at Embodied Wines

Image by: allisonmollengarden


6. Wood Door at Las Positas Vineyards

Image by: haydunc

7. Barn at

Mitchell Katz Winery Read More

Not Your Average National Dessert Day

This Sunday, October 14th is National Dessert Day. Here in the Livermore Valley, we believe the best way to celebrate National Dessert Day is with a perfectly paired wine. Below are a handful of creative and decadent ideas to get you thinking about how to spend your weekend celebrating! Read More

Fall Activities in the Livermore Valley!

October is here & Fall is upon us! We thought we would list some of our favorite fall festivities here in the Livermore Valley.


Downtown Livermore’s Tree Sweaters

Image by Doug Jorgensen via The Independent

Grab your coffee or tea from your favorite downtown cafe and take a stroll through Downtown Livermore to see this years’ beautiful “Tree Sweaters”. These handmade sweaters that are knit to every tree will be up until Friday, November 18th, before being donated to the Valley Humane Society of Pleasanton as comforting blankets.  You can find these cozy trees along First Street between Maple and L Street. Bothwell Arts Center sponsors the Tree Sweaters each Fall. Read More

Harvest Wine Celebration 2018

On Sunday of Labor Day Weekend, Livermore Valley wineries celebrate the exciting crush season and 37 years of the Harvest Wine Celebration. After the cancelation of last year’s event due to the excessive heat warnings, Livermore Valley Wine Country has decided to return the event to its original state of being located at the individual wineries. Each participating winery will host activities including wine tasting, crafts, music and special Harvest related activities. Below are just some of the activities that will be available!

Vineyard Tours at Murrieta’s Well:

If hiking along side, and being up close and personal, to vineyards then this is the perfect activity for you! Murrieta’s Well will be hosting Vineyard tours every hour during the event. If you haven’t gotten the chance to partake in one of the vineyard tour hikes at Murrieta’s Well before, I would definitely recommend participating in this activity. You’ll get some of the best views in the valley and learn so much about Murrieta’s Well’s vineyard and harvesting process and practices.

Discussions with the Winemaker at Wood Family Vineyards: Read More

Reduce, Recyle, Refill: Wine Glass Planters

Looking for a way to celebrate Earth Day? We are reusing our wine glasses from events like Barrel Tasting Weekend and Harvest Wine Celebration and bringing some fresh greenery into our homes and offices. Want to join us?

Items you will need:

  • Wine glass, bottle with neck cut off, or other pot of your choice
  • Gravel or small rocks
  • Potting soil
  • Succulents or leafy plants of varying size and color
  • Moss, small rocks, crystals, or other decorative items


Step 1: Find your pot

We are using some old glasses from our tasting events, both glass ones and our newer Go-Vinos, as well as a wine bottle that had it’s neck cut off. Directions on how to cut glass can be found here, if you want some more DIY projects. The size of your glass will determine how many plants and decorations you will be able to feature.


Step 2: Choose your Plants

 We suggest doing no more than two small plants in each glass, as you want to give them enough room to breathe. Try and choose plants that have varying colors. For example, a leafy plant with purple and green leaves will pair nicely with a bright green succulent. Read More